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Music I listen to

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Toby Keith

Montgomery Gentry

Big and Rich


C.W. McCall

What I do

I'm a Mechanical Engineering Student at Kettering University/General Motors Institute in Flint, MI. My sponsor is BorgWarner Automotive (America) in Auburn Hills, MI where I work building/testing/designing Turbo and Emissions Systems for GM, Ford, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel Engines, for $12/hr as a Freshman. I come from the town of Hopewell, NJ where I store most of my race cars, and work on all my projects. I spend my free time racing one of my mazda's or ford's, all of them 1st and 2nd gen body GE's (1987-1997 MX6/626/Probe). My collection includes 2 rare 4-wheel steering models, one a 1991 mx6 2.2T, the other a 1992 626 2.2T. I have a STS/GS SCCA race car (2.5 V6) and a ITA race car I'm working on (1994 mx6 2.5L V6). I hold racing licenses with SCCA, NASA, IHRA, and NHRA, and am an instructor in Solo2.

My tow vehicle was bought for $3,000 used back home in NJ, after I sold my old S10 4.3L GM Vortec V6 (turbocharged) for $8,000 to an old friend. Since then, I've dropped $5,000 in parts in it, doing the work myself. The truck runs good now, a little dirty (thus the nickname "black smoke") still, and is rated to tow 10,000lbs, while my current car hauler (open) is 6,000lbs max (I'm planning on buying a 5-ton hauler soon).

If you ever see me out on 23, 75, 80, 95, 76, or any other road, feel free to give a holler on Ch. 19 CB-band.

Oh, and the profile pic is of me back in the nearest town (Pennington, a good 10 mile drive) with my hard hat from when I was a Civil Engineer Assistant at the LCRA in Austin, TX. Worked there for the last month of High School, and had 2 reports published on topics of TSL Galloping ("line galloping") involving high-tension (69kV, 138kV, or 276kV) power lines.

btw - in advance, I'd like to apologize for the mess of a profile I have now. With finals looming ahead, I need to focus on that, and don't have time to figure out all the intricate details of how to build a decent-looking profile right now. Should be fixed up in a month or so.

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    Hopping around Yuku. Found your profile and thought I'd say Hi.... image


    Reply from blacksmokechevy:

    Thanks for the comment, and right back at'cha!

    btw - sorry I don't make it online too much, been working lots of OT lately.
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    Get to bed early and get yourimageimageimage. Good luck on the exam(s) tomorrow. Im sure you'll do just fine.
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    BSC. You're entirely welcome. Nope, my last trip on the Ice Road was in 1987.


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  1. Today's agenda...

    03/21/08 15:35:38 | 1 Comments

    Okay, today I have a full schedule ahead of me. First, I have to clean off my truck, something I haven't done in the past 4 months due to the cold. Then, I have my last test of the term in MECH-210 (Statics, a Sophomore-level course I've opted to take as a freshman) and then it's time to begin studying for my final exams, which are Next Thursday (6:30AM - I will KILL if I should find out who came up with the idea that college student's brains will operate at 6:30 am), Friday...

My favorite Quotes

"It doesn't matter how hard you fall down, it's how high you bounce back"
- Coach Cleaves
"The dictionary is the only place 'success' comes before 'work'."
- Coach Lyle Hazel
- Coach Kennith Gowton

^ A few of my coaches favorite quotes. Of course, there's a few others, most of which involved a quick rundown of last game's statistics (turnovers, missed layups, missed free-throws a few favorites) and then us all lining up for one form or another of running, be it 55's or suicides.

Some Random Pics

These are bunch of my photos, from my time as a Photographer, of my vehicles, home, pets, and whatever else.

My Chevy Truck:

Photobucket That's me and my truck, in the next town over, Pennington, late at night, off NJ-31 at the Pennington Market.

That's home - well, okay, the barn out by the house. The barn is where the mx6 is staying for now, since without registration it is now legally an eyesore under the new local "eyesore" ordinance. As only politicians can come up with. Good old Hopewell, NJ.

Same (pretty much) pic as above, only in sepia tone.

If you wanna know how to replicate this photo, well damn, so do I. Either way, yes, I took this photo, it's at a public lot out in Princeton, NJ, and is a combination of multriple-exposure, a light red filter, and rain. I doubt I'll ever take another like it. btw - the clearer truck is a 2/3 exposure, the other is a 1/3, so together = full.

Another one from nearby Princeton.

Overnight Michigan snowfall. That's 4:30 AM, snow began at 10PM. If I didn't leave then. but 2 hours later, I doubt you would see the truck at all.

Nearby Amwell, off CR-546.

Mazda, aka WHITE RICE.

Me waiting for the track to open for Winter Warmups. The only time I ever park near the staging lanes, otherwise you're lucky if you get in (first 250 only).

The MX6 getting a new front suspension, brakes, and steering. Full upgrade.

The last days of the MX6 before I pulled the insurance. This is downtown Hopewell.

I can't remember for the LIFE of me where in Ewingville I took this photo, but I'll have to return there with the chevy.

Same place as above.

MX6's engine. 2.5L Mazda KLDE V6, full factory. I burned up one of the pistons.

She might not be a drag race car, but she still does make the times!

More photos to come... so stay tuned!